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Mochila bags and more

About Me

My mother taught me how to knit when I was 5. I started knitting little things for my dolls and stuffed animals. Later I knitted some sweaters. 
When I was about 15 I started to do cross stitch. 
In 2009 I started knitting again. 

My mother taught me how to crochet in 2011.


In 2014 I started making Mochilas.

My husband created this site on 27-05-2019 to surprise me. 


Weaving a strap for a Mochila

A Mochila can have a woven strap.

How to start weaving? Check my weaving videos.

Check out Annie MacHale for weaving.

Check out Marieke Kranenburg for 'Band- and card weaving' (Dutch Language only). 

Making a Mochila

Making a Mochila Bag takes a lot of effort. To support you I made some videos. Marion Verloop @ YouTube

Mochila Liza.jpg
Mochila Illusion collage.jpg

Mochila patterns

On Internet you can find a lot of patterns. 

Most of these patterns are just graphs. A good pattern is a complete document with all the information you need to complete a Mochila Bag. My instruction videos offer you the Basic Techniques needed for making a Mochila Bag.

I have a free Mochila pattern available (look for 'cal') at Facebook group 'Mochila bags, crochet'. (subscription needed).

Paid patterns can be found on Ravelry.

Mochila crocheting with another stitch

Mochila with Marion stitch

With the Marion stitch you have horizontal lines over the Mochila stitches. I advice to only do the Marion stitch over one or two Mochila stitches. If you would do the Marion stitch over more stitches, something could get stuck on the yarns and that will ruin your bag.

Mochila the basics

Mochila basic techniques

In this video I show the basics of the Mochila technique.

Mochila the basics

Mochila, how to prevent the yarns from tangling

Do your yarns always tangle? So annoying, There is a solution how to prevent this. Watch the video and I will show you how.

New pattern: Mochila mandala Cordial



On this website under Paid patterns
YouTube video; Little star mandala



Mochila mandala Cordial.jpg
This website and YouTube