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A new cal

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

I said I would never make a cal again, but it is just so much fun to participate in a cal, right? That is why I decided to make a cal again.

Making a cal and helping the people who are participating is a lot of work. When we had our first cal (in 2017-2018), the admins of the Mochila Facebook groups did not have much time to crochet for about 3 months. That is why we said we would never do it again. But, never say never.

This time I planned enough time so I would not have to stress to get everything ready. In June I started designing. I crocheted the round bottom and a small version of the oval bottom, to see how it is best to hide the jog. Then it was time to ask for help.

I asked Nelda DC Magsalansan to crochet the round version and Ann Holland to crochet the oval version of the cal.

For designing the macrame strap I asked Franz Amina Vergara and I asked Angelique Jansen-Maijen to make a tutorial for the ply split strap.

Luckily they all said yes.

When Angelique saw the pattern of the cal she couldn’t wait, so she started the oval bag too.

Can you imagine how hard it is keeping it all a secret for so long?

The cal will be available on my website and in 2 Facebook groups.

The cal is written in two different languages.

The English version is available at the Facebook group ‘Mochila bags, crochet’ and the Dutch version at ‘Mochila Patronen’.

Most of us are addicted to Mochila making and want to join as many Mochila groups as we can find. Take note that the Dutch group will only allow you to join when you speak the language of the group. The group ‘Mochila bags, crochet’ is an international group, in this group we speak English only.

(Don’t forget to answer the questions when you apply.)

If you haven’t made a Mochila before, you can prepare yourself by reading the technique file and watch the videos in one of the Facebook groups mentioned above.

You can also find the videos on my youtube channel, and on my website,

After reading this you probably have one big question:


The cal will start on Friday, February 7th 2020.

The list with materials will be released on Friday, January 3rd 2020.

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Jul 05, 2021

Just found this CAL, devouring the patterns, the blog posts, the videos. Amazing work. Thank you!😘

Marion Verloop
Marion Verloop
Jul 06, 2021
Replying to

Thank you


Marion Verloop
Marion Verloop
Aug 28, 2020

CAL means crochet a long. Every week part of a pattern is released. Many people make the same project at the same time.


Aug 28, 2020

what is CAL? Sorry I am a new comer

Anybody can answer?


Jan 04, 2020

Hi Marion, we are the administrator of the Rajut Tapestry Indonesia group - Facebook group. There are a lot of our members who are also the members of the Mochila Bag Crochet group. We are interested in joining the second CAL. But unfortunately, most of our members have to face a language barrier. Is it possible for us to participate in the second CAL discussion using our language, bahasa Indonesia, in our group?

We will ask our members who are interested to download the PDF file themselves from your website, so we don't distruste the PDF files.

Would you please kindly approve our request?

Thank you


Teri Ballenger
Jan 03, 2020

Thank you and to all those that took time to make this possible!

I'm very excited. Lots of time to think about colors.

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