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Cal 2020, one design, different looks

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

We are still collecting finished bottoms in the Facebook groups. So far we have collected 249 bottoms in the Dutch group and 296 in the English group. That is almost 550 people of whom we know for sure that they are participating in the 2020 cal.

My guess is that there are at least 1000 people all over the world who are making the 2020 cal.

Wouldn’t it be great to bump in to one of those bags in real life, see one in ‘the wild’ 😅

We have seen many comments about what people see in the side pattern.

Here are some examples: a flower, a tulip, a heart, hearts ❤️ and diamonds ♦, an owl, a fox, and a face.

When I designed the bag, I did not have any of these things in mind. I was inspired by Bargello.

Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery consisting of upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. The name originates from a series of chairs found in the Bargello palace in Florence.

This week I would like to show you some of the bags where the side is finished. See how different they all look, just because other colors where used. Don’t you just love them?!

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Kyawtkyawt Lynn
Jun 02, 2020

All are absolutely beautiful!!!!!


Mar 19, 2020

absolutely beautiful bags

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