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Graving for ‘Spekkies’

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

We are a bit overwhelmed. Unbelievable how many members are making the cal, it makes us proud to see all your beautiful pictures. We are doing our best to read all new posts, but sometimes things like work and cleaning the house gets in the way. 😂

It is great to see that members of the Facebook group are helping each other.👍🏼

Some members finished part 1 really fast and just cannot wait to see part 2. Some even started the round and oval bottom to pass the time.

There are also new Mochila fans who joined the cal. The cal is not the easiest pattern, specially because I tried to hide the jog as much as possible. What you see in the graph does not always look logical, but when you crochet it, it looks good.

If you have problems, please post a picture and ask for our help.

In week 2 reading the graph will be even more challenging. Please also look at the written instructions if you don’t understand the graph immediately.

When I was testing the round bottom, I suddenly got a graving for ‘spekkies’, because the colors of my bottom look like it.

Spekkies is candy, it tastes a bit like marshmallows.

This week we will finish the bottom. The second part of the bottom is probably a little bit different than what you thought it would look like.

I hope you like it!

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7 commenti

19 feb 2020

next i will try the cal

Mi piace

Marie josée
14 feb 2020

it's just beautiful I really like these colors

Mi piace

14 feb 2020

Holly Molly.... this is awesome. Thanks Marion

Mi piace

Audrey king
14 feb 2020

I think it is beautiful. Can hardly wait to go forward

Mi piace

14 feb 2020

Wow! That is gorgeous! I love your colours Marion. Thank you for putting so much time into this CAL. I love seeing everyone's progress.

Mi piace
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