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Hi, a sneaky blog from her hubby

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Hello, my wife told me to publish the update of the website today at 7:00 AM.

But you don't get an automatic message about site updates as far as I know. So how do you know when the 'Cal' preparations are online? My wife will also post the cal on Facebook, but she is still sleeping now (don't tell anyone else), so that can take a while.

Of course you want to know about the 'Cal' as soon as possible. Anyway, faster than the Facebook members. That is why I write this blog so that you will be informed as soon as possible. Don't tell anyone else on Facebook. My wife wants to be the first to publish it on Facebook of course.

You can find the 'Cal' information here:

Have fun with the preparations of the Cal.

Kind regards

Her Hubby

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