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Mochila Messenger

It is finally time to show my new bag ‘Mochila Messenger’. The shape of this Mochila looks most like a messenger bag, hence the name. I am super proud that I could make a Mochila in this shape.

I wanted to make a new Mochila, which is about the same size as my ‘Mochila Feather’, but a bit more practical to use. I had a shape in mind that I never saw before, made with the ‘Mochila technique’. Transferring this idea to an actual usable pattern was a big challenge.

For this Mochila it is necessary to make square corners. I tried and failed a few times, because the corners were a bit round.

While crocheting this bag, I noted everything I did: crocheting, frogging, when I ran out of yarn and when I didn’t work on it at all.

Let me tell you the inside story of how this Mochila came to life.

In April 2019 I had an idea for a new Mochila with a completely different shape, so I made a sketch of it and saved it on my iPad.

In September I started designing. After a while it looked okay, but after all I wasn’t 100% happy, so I put it away for a while. In December I started over from scratch and this time I was happy with the design. I made a paper version of the bag and glued the pattern parts on it. The idea I had in my mind for this shape was finally visible and then I thought; This could be possible.

Time to start crocheting. Unfortunately, halfway round 5 it was looking like a banana-boat.

I was too eager to start and didn’t pay enough attention to my stitches. And as you all now, Mochila stitches need all your love and attention.

I started again, making sure to keep an even tension this time.

After 7 rounds it was frog-time again. The part that needed to be square was too round.

I tested a different way to get the corners more square. The test piece looked good so I started again.

From January to May all my time got sucked up by the ‘2020 cal’ and other projects so there was no time to continue.

In June I started working on it again. Unfortunately after 10 rounds, the frog 🐸 payed me another visit. The corners were still not super square and it didn’t want to lay flat.

Time to ask for help. I asked one of the members of the Facebook group how she made square corners.

I made another test piece, but couldn’t do it exactly like she did. Using a slightly different methode, I was able to make super square corners.

I changed my design a bit to adjust the dimensions of the Mochila and started all over again. Three times is a charm, right? After round 6, I got distracted by other projects. Does this sounds familiar? 🙃

In August I picked it up again, then it went really fast. By the end of August everything was crocheted and halfway September my Mochila was finished.

Now it was time to write the pattern. So why, you might wonder, did it take me until the end of November to finally publish this pattern?

Writing this pattern was as much of a challenge as making this Mochila and I kept procrastinating it. I can be very good at that. 😇

It was impossible for me to make the graphs in any program I know, so my son made all the graphs for me. Thank you Christiaan and also thanks for reviewing the pattern.

I had to make videos for this Mochila pattern and even that was harder than normal. These days the whole family is at home all the time so I ordered them to be quiet 🤫, to film without being disturbed.

Now that everything is finished and the pattern is published, I can finally start using my new Mochila.

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