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Mochila Mystery

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Finally I can show you my new bag 'Mochila Mystery'.

Last year in June I came up with a new stitch, the 'Marion stitch'. With the 'Marion stitch' you have horizontal yarns over the stitches.

'Mochila Mystery' is a pattern for the more experienced Mochila makers.

This bag has two short straps and it closes with a magnet.

It took a while to come up with a good design.

My husband helped with designing.

He made a sketch and then I drew the pattern to see if it would be possible to crochet it. When I was crocheting what I drew, I found out that even tho it was possible to crochet it, it did not always look good 😃 Some things looked good on paper, but did not look good when crocheted.

At first the background of the big diamond, in the middle of the bag, was crocheted in yellow with the 'Marion stitch' over it. That made the 'Marion stitch' less visible. So I decided to just crochet big stripes in different colors. With the 'Marion stitch' I made the patterns on the stripes.

It took several 🐸 frogging sessions before I was happy with the pattern. I have probably crocheted the side of the bag twice 😄 before I was completely happy.

For this bag I challenged myself to choose colors out of my comfort zone. During the making of the bag, the colors started to grow on me 😃

Another challenge was to make an oval bottom with a pattern in it, I am really happy with the result. My oldest son was able to make a graph for the oval bottom.

I love to see in what colors 'Mochila Mystery' will be made. And I am very curious, what designs will be made with the 'Marion stitch'.


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