Kumihimo and other

You will find several videos in this section, how to make a Kumihimo cord and a tassel, ply split, the design program Easybead, etc.

Kumihimo and other videos

Kumihimo cord with 16 yarns

A Mochila can be closed with a cord. You can make beautiful cords with a Kumihimo disc. Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique.

Kumihimo and other videos

Making a tassel on a cord

At the end of a cord you can make tassels to give it a nice finished look.

Kumihimo and other videos

Macramé tassel

A macrame tassel looks difficult. I actually think it is easier than the normal tassel.

Kumihimo and other videos

How to use Easybead for designing Mochila patterns.

As far as I now, Easybead is the only program there is that you can use to make a bottom design. You can also make designs for the side. Unfortunately it does not work when you have an Apple computer that runs on Mojave or newer.

Kumihimo and other videos

Ply split braiding strap for Mochila bag

You can also make a strap with ply split braiding. First you have to make 4 ply cords of the same yarn you used for crocheting and then you can braid them.

Kumihimo and other videos

Chain darning

With chain darning you can make a strap. First you make long strips of chain stitches and then you ‘darn’ them together.

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