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My patterns are for sale on Ravelry.

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Mochila Cards.jpg

Mochila Cards

Mochila mandala Cordial.jpg

Mochila mandala Cordial

Mochila Phone bag.JPG

Mochila Phone Bag

Copy of Mochila Messenger.jpg

Mochila Messenger

Mochila Coasters.jpg


Christmas coasters.jpg

Christmas coasters

Mochila Mystery.JPG

Mochila Mystery

Mochila Bag.jpg

Mochila bag

Mochila Liza.jpg

Mochila Liza

Mochila Ibu.JPEG

Mochila Ibu

Mochila Illusion.jpg

Mochila Illusion

Mochila Feather.jpg

Mochila Feather

Mochila Diamond.jpg

Mochila Diamond

Mochila Eyes.jpg

Mochila Eyes

Butterfly Mochila.jpg

Butterfly Mochila

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