Mochila - Crocheting

You will find all crocheting videos in this section. Basic videos, videos combined with other stitches, videos for improving crocheting quality and using several techniques.

Mochila crocheting

Mochila, the beginning, 8 increases

This is the first video I made. Crocheting a bottom with 8 increases is possible, but for the most people hard to create a totally flat bottom. That's why I prefer a bottom with 10 or 12 increases.

Mochila crocheting

Mochila Two Color Increase

In some patterns you need to make an increase with 2 different colors, this can be a bit hard. Watch this video to see how to do it.

Mochila crocheting

Mochila: Three ways to hold the yarns you carry.

All those yarns you carry, but how to hold them? In the video you will see three ways to hold them. Try each of them and use the way you like best.

Mochila crocheting

Finding the inside yarn of a skein

When you use the yarn from the inside of the skein, then the skein won’t roll all over the place when you need more yarn.

Mochila crocheting

Mochila adding a new yarn

When you need a new skein, you don’t have to make any knots. Just crochet over the new yarn.

Mochila crocheting

Mochila, making a button hole

A Mochila can be closed with a cord. You need to make button holes for the cord. You make 8 or 12 button holes.

Mochila crocheting

Mochila, crab stitch

For the last round of a Mochila, the crab stitch is often used. Some people hate the stitch, it makes them crabby 😂

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