Weaving straps - How to start

You will find videos about how to set up an Inkle loom in this section.

Weaving videos

Making heddles for schacht inkle loom.

Before you can start weaving, you have to make heddles. In this video I show how to make heddles for the Schacht Inkle loom.

Weaving videos

Warping an Inkle loom

Warping an Inkle loom takes some time. You have to really concentrate, mistakes are easily made.

Weaving videos

How to start weaving

You begin weaving with some popsicle sticks or pieces of cardboard, then you have something to beat against. The start of the work will be straighter. When you have woven a bit, you can remove them. Go to the 'Weaving - Techniques' video section for several weaving techniques.

Weaving videos

Straight edges for Inkle loom weaving

The hardest part of weaving is getting straight edges.

Weaving videos

How to use the little hole in a shuttle

Some shuttles have a little hole. When you put the yarn through the hole, the yarn won’t unwind when you drop you shuttle.

Weaving videos

Securing the ends of a woven strap

When you want to make an adjustable strap, you need to cut of the yarns ends. When you glue the ends, they won’t come undone.