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Cal 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

After 8 months of preparations, it is finally time to start the 2020 cal. Are you all ready for it?

Some Facebook group members cannot wait to start. Someone even asked for my phone number, so she can wake me up to publish the cal as soon as possible. 😅

Many members have showed the colors they have chosen. I am so curious how all those beautiful colors will look when the pattern is crocheted.

I want to thank everybody who helped me make this cal possible and I want to thank everybody who will help during the 8 weeks of the cal.

We will start the 2020 Cal with half of the bottom and in the second week we will finish the bottom.

Week 3, 4, 5 and 6 the side of the bag will be crocheted.

Week 7 is for cord and tassels for the round version and the closure for the oval version.

In week 8 we will make the strap and attach it to the bag.

Each week you will see 4 download options on this website under patterns, then cal.

There is a round and an oval version of the cal and the cal is written in English and in Dutch. Make sure you download the version you need.

For left handed crocheters. If you want to follow the graphs, please read the graphs from right to left. Or make a mirror image of the graphs.

The graphs are adjusted, so you will hardly see the jog. But when you would crochet the graphs form left to right, it will not look good.

Enjoy making the cal. If you have problems, don’t hesitate to ask for help and please show pictures in the Facebook groups. I love to see your work.

Eager to start? These comments where posted on the Facebook group.

  • Awwwww Marion Verloop she is right its the 7th hey sweetie wakie wakie can we see that pattern is we look over Australia's shoulder ??? ha ha ha

  • Wink wink it’s the 7th of Feb, in Australia

  • Set your clock ahead for Spring Forward and you will catch up in a blink of an eye ...awwww its just a few hours purty please ha ha

  • Woman I'm awake and I looked at the clock and it says Friday on it, so Marion Verloop our sweetie can after two years of me waiting patiently for her to do one can afford us a few wink wink hours ... Now will she OH "H" no but its more fun to keep us busy till she does release it. We are like Children on Christmas and we just can't wait. ha ha

  • Is it time yet, is it is it huh huh?? 😁

  • Can we not forward Marion's clock? Anyone have her husband's nr? Maybe he will help us forward the time??🙈🙉🙊 😂😂😂


Hubby; I cannot change time, but I can release the Cal on the website at midnight GMT+1 while she is sleeping 😴


Btw, after two weeks your (round) bottom will look something like this 😉.

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Marion Verloop
Marion Verloop
Feb 07, 2020

The cal has been posted. Check the pattern section, then cal.


Dia e Brazil
Feb 07, 2020

Is it time yet?


Rahila Qazi
Feb 07, 2020

Very much curious waiting for start

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