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Cal 2020, finished bottoms

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

It is so nice to hear that so many people are exited about the second part of the cal.

Almost nobody expected that the bottom would turn into a star. Some said it looks like a kids windmill.

Some people are very curious how many Facebook members (and not Facebook members) make the cal and try to figure it out. Unfortunately nobody knows the number, not even close. Just asking it to all the members or making a poll does not work. We only have the number of pictures the Facebook members posted.

We collect all the posts with pictures of finished bottoms in a topic and so far we have collected 175 posts in the international group and 146 in the Dutch group. Of course we will keep collecting pictures of finished bottoms.

Those numbers do not give a clue about the amount of cals being made, since we do not know if it is 5, 30 or 90% of all the cal bags being made.

Most important is that a lot of people like to make the cal.

I really like all finished bottoms posted in the Facebook groups. Especially for the 'not Facebook group people' you can see a few examples of them below (posted with permission).

It is amazing to see how different they look, just because of the color choices.

Can you spot the two bottoms made by left handed members?

In week 3 we will start the side pattern. The round and the oval version have the same pattern, but the pattern for the oval bag is a little shorter than the round bag, so the proportions will be better.

Make sure you download the right version.

For the side pattern it is also important to read the graph from right to left. Also for our left handed members.

I hope you like the side pattern and am curious to see your progress.

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Marion Verloop
Marion Verloop
Feb 21, 2020

Alle delen die tot nu toe zijn vrijgegeven staan onder het kopje patterns en dan cal.

Ook via Facebook is het patroon te downloaden. Er waren wat problemen, als het goed is is dat nu opgelost.


Feb 21, 2020

hoe kan ik aan deel 3 van de cal 2020 geraken aub wel in het nederlands

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