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Cal 2020 rough start and nice results

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Week 3 had a bit of a rough start.

Some people had a problem with downloading the files (on Facebook and on the website). Fortunately we could solve it, so everybody was able to download the cal for week 3.

The first round of the side pattern of the oval version is very difficult and many people had question about it. After a few help questions of the first round, I discovered a little mistake I made in the pattern😞.I felt a bit sad about it and do realise that some of you had to frog one or more rounds or had to correct one stitch by sewing over it. I modified the cal documents and after fixing those issues everybody could continue crocheting cal week 3.

It was very nice to see the first pictures of the round and oval bag. They look awesome😃

Week 3 of the oval version is challenging though, it is so easy to make a mistake like skip a stitch or make the wrong amount of stitches. And when you make one little mistake, the pattern doesn’t fit.

For a lot of people it was confusing that there is no logical connection between the bottom and the side pattern. Many kept comparing side to bottom and that caused the confusion.

It was great to see that members of the Facebook groups where helping each other again. Showing a picture of the bag and asking for help always results in a solution (so far😉) as there is always someone who can help to find the solution.

Did you notice that the transition from bottom to side of the round version forms an arrow? You can see it in the upside down pictures posted by many members.

What I didn’t notice before, is that the transition from bottom to side of the oval version forms a heart. Look at the beautiful heart in Nelda’s work.🧡

In week 4, we will continue with the side pattern. For both versions we will crochet 14 rounds. The part we crocheted in week 3 is a bit vague in the graph so you can focus on the right part.

I love to see your results again!

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