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Mochila Cards

It has been very quiet here for a while, but I have been working on a new design. I have made something totally different this time. My new Mochila does not have a geometrical pattern, but symbols of playing cards. The shape of this Mochila is also new to me.

I got the idea for making this Mochila, when I heard that a friend of my oldest son is a professional poker player. Now that I had an idea for a design, I had to think about what kind of shape I wanted to make.

Then I thought, who would want a Mochila with card symbols on it and what would they use it for. Somebody who plays card games, might want to use it to put their cards, dice and fiches in it. So a clutch would be a good size.

I never made a clutch before, so I decided that this Mochila was going to be a clutch.

When I think of poker, I think of diamonds and gold and of course about losing a lot of money💰 When you make a clutch with playing cards symbols on it, you need some bling bling, like gold yarn, right?

I googled and found two gold yarns with glitters. Durable Glam and Scheepjes Twinkle. Both yarns are a combination of 75% cotton and 25% Polyester.

The color of Durable Glam is a bit warmer. That is the one I decided to use.

Crocheting tight Mochila stitches with this glittery yarn was a bit hard, so I was glad it was only an accent color. Even thought it was a bit hard to crochet with the gold yarn, I am really happy that I used it, because it gives the clutch a little oomph.

The finishing touches of a Mochila, always take more time than you think. I added a wristlet to the clutch and closed it with a zipper. Sewing in the zipper was a real challenge. For some reason I thought I could sew it in straight, without pinning it to the clutch first. That was a big mistake. The zipper parts did not line up at all.

When I closed the zipper, the clutch was pulled out of shape and it looked really bad.

I had to undo all the sewing. Time to start again. This time I sewed the zipper to the clutch with a basting stitch and then I did the actual sewing. I have no clue why I did not do that in the first place. Maybe I was a bit lazy 🙄 🫣

Reference: Mochila Cards

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