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Sometimes you feel like you need to make a gift.

In November 2019 I started designing and making coasters as a present for my friend Marieke Kranenburg for her new weave studio.

Marieke and I often give weaving lessons together. We used to do this in her kitchen and living room. 4 students in the kitchen and 4 in the living room and Marieke and I running back and forth between kitchen and living room to help everybody.

Last year she got a great opportunity to buy part of a building, adjacent to her backyard. She transformed it into a beautiful weave studio, big enough for 12 students.

By the time the studio was finished, our country was in lock down because of Covid 19 and unfortunately Marieke had to cancel the opening of the studio.

In July it was finally possible to start giving weaving lessons. The only downside was, it was only possible to have 4 students at a time because of social distance. So she did not need my help to give the lessons 😔

I did see pictures of the studio, but that is just not the same as seeing it for real.

Last week I was finally able to go to Marieke to admire the studio and give her the coasters for her studio. She did a great job, it has become very beautiful.

Normally I show everything I am working on to Marieke, so it was very hard to keep the coasters a secret.

When the coasters were finished, I thought; This would be a nice beginner project. So I decided to write a pattern for the coasters. That turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated. The pattern is available in English and in Dutch and it is the longest pattern so far (42 pages).

All the coaster patterns have written instructions for 10 and 12 increases and I have also added graphs for 10 and 12 increases with the increases marked.

I want to thank my son for making the graphs for me.

Reference: Coasters

Marieke Kranenburgs new studio

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