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The ‘jog’

The ‘jog’ is one of the most talked about subjects in Mochila.

A Mochila is crocheted in spiral and you crochet over yarns. The stitches are higher than in normal crochet and this makes the ‘jog’ very noticeable.

When you look at the original Wayuu Mochilas, you will also see a ‘jog’, so maybe we should just embrace the ‘jog’. But what to do when you have ‘OCD’ 😉

The question we often get is: Is it possible to hide the ‘jog’?

The answer is yes, but only in some patterns.

When you have horizontal lines in your pattern, you will always see a ‘jog’. There are many ways to close rounds to hide the ‘jog’ a bit. But the big downside to this is, that you will always get a seam and you will still have a little bit of a ‘jog’.

Personally I think a seam stands out more than a ‘jog’.

You can hide a ‘jog’ when you have vertical or diagonal lines in your pattern.

When you have a vertical line, you can start crocheting before or after that vertical line in your pattern.

You can hide the ‘jog’ by making an increase or a decrease when you have a diagonal line.

I made a video about how to hide a ‘jog’ when you have a diagonal line in your pattern.

I planned to make this video at the beginning of January, but then I got a cold and coughed for 5 weeks (no Corona). When the cough was finally gone, I made the video.

By the time the video was almost finished, we were too busy with the ‘cal 2020’.

This week my husband found time to edit the video and to update the website. And I found some time to write this blog. 😉

A direct link to the videos:

The free pattern I used in the video is available on my website; Hiding the ‘jog’

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Jul 05, 2021

Game changing! 💜


Jun 04, 2020

Goedemorgen Marion,

Bedankt voor de duidelijke uitleg.👍🧶🍀

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