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Cal 2020, finishing the bag

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

It is already time for the last part of the 2020 cal. 😔 I cannot believe how fast it has gone by.

Since I posted the material list, we have been very busy. For the cal you need specific colors to get the best effect of the pattern. So many people asked if their color choice was good to achieve that.

Both bottoms are not the easiest ones I have designed, so when it was finally time to start with week 1, we got many questions if the work looked good.

We also got many questions about the first round of the side of the oval version. That first round was just really hard, because there is no logical transition from bottom to the side.

The last two weeks it has calmed down a bit. I even had time to crochet again 😃

I would like to thank everybody who helped me to make this cal possible. It is always risky to mentions names, because it is so easy to forget one.

I want to thank:

  • Christiaan Verloop for making the graphs of the bottoms.

  • Cor Verloop for staying up until midnight every Thursday to post the cal on the website.

  • My husband and sons for listening to all my stories about the cal 👂...👂......👂........

  • Marieke Kranenburg also for listening to all my stories and giving her opinion.

  • Ann Holland, Nelda DC Magsalansan and Angelique Jansen-Maijen for testing.

  • Franz Amina Vergara for designing the macrame strap.

  • Angelique for designing the ply split strap.

  • Vanessa Lumbra, Vicki Hansen Zwart and Angelique for reviewing the cal patterns.

  • Vanessa, Vicki, Angelique, Giovanna Riemens-Carnibella, Sylvia Roosen, Nelda, Ann, Catlien Zoet, Marta Tokuyama and Anastasia Ika for helping answering all the questions during the cal.

And of course I want to thank everybody who participated in the cal, without all of you it wouldn’t be such a success!

I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the different stages of the bags.

Now it is time to finish the bags.

This week we will make the strap and attach it to the bag. There are instructions for four different techniques to make the strap; crocheting, weaving, macrame and ply split braiding.

Please keep posting pictures of your beautiful Mochilas.

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